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Paper People #2

It's such a shame that as we age, goodbyes became such a bitch. 

I did not reckon friendship would fade once it is forged.
I am wrong.

My heart still throb at our fading knot.

I thought story-tellers were exaggerating at the notion of , " One day, we just stopped talking."
The urban word to describe this, is ghosting (I think)

Except, we mutually lay off each others conversation until one day nothing was relevant to us.
I met up with him once after all these disconnection. I suppose I just needed to say goodbye, properly.

We are legitimately just Facebook friends now.

Ever since, I did not really want to get too close to stranger/acquaintances I have a good feeling about.

I hated the aftermath of goodbyes.
I am left wondering why do we all have to go.

I recall all the people I parted with. All the friendships that I held so dearly.
Now, we are only connected from our social links.

No more secrets amongst us.

I miss that.

I will miss more people I know now, because we are…

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