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i never knew it is this difficult

People entrust in me when they approach me with questions, with scenarios.
Some are really looking for advice, some just wants a listening pair of ears. The truth really, I am not capable of either. 
They tell me stories and a piece of themselves is embedded in me. I am a realist. Empathy of bare minimum.  Their stories leave me paralyzed.  I was always eager to help, but I am not good at that.
I preach the idea that no one can save those who refuse to be saved. The only pillar of strength and support anyone needs is skin deep.
I, can only be the one who knew all along, and did nothing. I can only watch them wailing; helplessly, I watch. 
I can not be the one to define what is strength.  I can only hope they learn to search for that illuminating light amidst all chaos.  Lights travel in a straight line.  Go for a hunt. Look for it.  It might just be around the corner  
If you choose to close your eyes, light can never peek through.  Faith is skin deep. Always trust.
Hustle and Faith, …

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